Through innovative design and methodical project management, AO has developed a deep understanding of modular building approaches.

AO has executed several noteworthy projects using modular design and component manufacturing, reaping benefits of speed, reliability and quality control.

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Q&A With Nick Gomez Dir. of Modular Design and Construction at AO

by Offsight

In this interview, we hear how Nick and his team work closely with owners during the modular design and construction process and hear his feedback for architects looking to design for modular projects and owners assessing whether to undertake these projects.

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The Sky is (Almost) the Limit for Hospitality Projects

By Tom Bergerson, Bruce Greenfield, and Henry Wong | California Builder & Engineer

Once considered an outlier, modular design and construction has gained tremendous popularity. Learn more in this piece written by AO Hospitality studio principals Tom Bergerson, Bruce Greenfield, and Henry Wong.

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Modular Housing Design | A Podcast Sharing Insights on Modular Design & Construction Today

AO Partner, RC Alley was a guest on Modular Building Institute's podcast "Inside Modular". Listen as RC shares his insights on the value of collaboration, the importance of finding an affordable housing solution, and how affordable modular housing projects can be designed to stand out or blend in with any aesthetic.

Architects Orange
Architects Orange
Modular Housing Design | A Podcast Sharing Insights on Modular Design & Construction Today

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Utilizing Modular Design & Construction: A Solution to the Nation’s Housing Shortage

By RC Alley, AO | Builder & Developer

In some parts of the country, particularly California, the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened an already severe housing crisis. Modular design and construction can help alleviate housing shortages and deliver efficiencies that address some of the biggest challenges facing the multifamily sector today.

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AOpen | T-MOD

AO and Horizon North have joined forces to launch T-MOD, a proven model for the delivery of temporary modular housing that is affordable to build, can be executed quickly, elevates community design, and is replicable amongst a variety of urban sites. 

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