Dupont Village

San Jose, CA


689 DU | 4.24 AC
162.50 DU/AC


Miramar Capital & TPC


Architect of Record
Design Architect

This new modular development features two residential buildings connected through a central paseo. Building A is 7 stories and contains 314 units of market-rate housing. Building B is 6 stories and will provide 375 units of affordable housing to the community of San Jose. This TOD development sits just two blocks from a BART station providing residents with ease of transportation. The unit plans between the buildings differentiate as the market rate units are much larger than the affordable building units. Some of the market rate units contain dens and balconies as well. The project also features 4,000sf of retail space on the ground floor of the market rate community.


  • MHN Excellence Awards – Unbuilt Category
  • Gold Nugget Merit Award: Best On-the Boards Mixed-Use Project
  • Gold Nugget Merit Award: Innovative Housing Concepts