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The Future of Industrial: Designing for Efficiency in the Era of E-Commerce

By Eric Aubort, AO | The Mann Report

E-commerce has exploded in the last decade, driving strong demand for industrial development to keep pace with the growing market. The unexpected event of COVID-19 worldwide has only expedited this ongoing cultural shift to e-commerce...

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Trends in Industrial Design Accelerated by E-Commerce

Future-proofing, building vertically, and mixed-use product integration are three trends that will shape the design of industrial assets for years to come. AO Principal Dan MacDavid gives his insight to Area Development.

By Dan MacDavid | Area Development

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Strengthening Community via Mixed-Use Industrial

By Dan MacDavid, AO | The Mann Report

Over the past several decades, development trends have shifted to give more importance to placemaking and user experience. Now industrial development is following suit...

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