Jason Rupp

“It is important to do at least two things at work every day, learn something new and make something better. Only then can we improve ourselves and our team.”

Beginning his career in structured parking in 1988, Jason has been involved in every aspect of parking design including both design-build and design-bid-build solutions.  Every conceivable use been associated with the structured parking; Commercial, Industrial, Medical, University Campus, Multi-family, all of which utilized the appropriate combination of long-span, short span, hybrid or precast solutions to achieve the desired programming, scheduling and cost requirements. His focus is to program an efficient and effective structure that will allow savings that can only be recognized by a parking specialist while making sure the pedestrian and vehicular use and interaction receive the attention they require.  Realizing the benefits of design-build with the architecture and attention of design-bid-build.

Contact: JasonR@aoarchitects.com | T 714.639.9860

Jason in three words:

Observant. Realistic. Motivated.



Bachelor of Science, Arizona State University

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