Rio Garcia

“I approach challenges with a proactive mindset, carefully assessing situations to provide solutions that align with design intent and client goals.”

With over a decade of dedicated experience in construction administration and 20 years in the architectural industry, Rio Garcia brings a wealth of expertise to AO specializing in multi-family and mixed-use projects. Having successfully overseen the construction of more than 10,000 luxury and resort-style apartments, he has demonstrated proficiency in managing projects of diverse sizes ranging from 200 to over 1500 units. 

Rio’s extensive knowledge of construction processes, project management, and regulatory compliance has consistently led to the delivery of high-quality results. Adept at coordinating with clients, engineers, contractors, and regulatory agencies, he ensures the seamless execution of projects from their initial stages to completion. With a proven track record, he brings a strategic and comprehensive approach to construction administration, making a significant impact on the success of each endeavor. 


Rio’s dedication has placed him at the forefront of the most noteworthy developments across Orange and Los Angeles counties including Chroma Apartment Homes in Canoga Park, Vilara Apartments in Laguna Niguel, TMP The Market Place, and Promenade Village in Irvine. 

Rio in three words:

Troubleshooter. Collaborative. Efficient.



Bachelor of Architecture
Woodbury University

Associated Studios