José Ho, LEED AP, BD+C
Senior Associate | Project Director

“Choose to be inspired by good and bad design; it will guide us in our pursuit of great design.”

With an illustrious career exceeding 30 years, Jose has cultivated a rich and diverse background across the design spectrum, demonstrating his versatility in fashion, interior design, furniture, stage set design, and architecture. His deep understanding of the “built environment” has been refined through collaborations with acclaimed firms, where he actively contributed to the development of master-planned communities, mixed-use complexes, corporate interiors, and exclusive private estates. 

Jose’s commitment extends beyond aesthetic considerations; he is dedicated to assisting clients in transforming their aspirations into tangible realities while adeptly navigating and solving intricate design challenges. In his pivotal role at AO, Jose assumes a comprehensive leadership position, meticulously guiding projects from their conceptual stages to final delivery. He places a strategic emphasis on design and entitlement, ensuring a harmonious and compliant trajectory throughout the process. Jose’s meticulous oversight not only guarantees the successful completion of projects but also underscores his unwavering dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. 

His extensive experience and proficiency make Jose a trusted figure in the architectural domain, where he seamlessly brings forth creative visions, navigating the complexities of the design and approval processes with finesse and expertise. With a wealth of knowledge, steadfast commitment, and a proven track record, Jose continues to make indelible contributions to the realm of design and architecture. 

José in three words:

Passionate. Resourceful. Committed.