The Row at Redhill

Santa Ana, CA


1,100 DU | 14.7 AC
74.82 DU/AC | 80,000 SF RETAIL




Master Planner
Design Architect
Architect of Record

The Row at Red Hill revitalizes Santa Ana’s industrial legacy into a vibrant mixed-use community, fostering cultural diversity and economic vitality. The 14.7-acre master plan comprises four distinct neighborhoods totaling 1,100 apartment homes fronted by 80,000 square feet of retail, an energetic mix of public and private amenities, and community gathering space. At the gateway, the Market Hall showcases local cuisine, art, and music, while an active corridor links residents to retail. Rooftop decks and a central plaza offer communal spaces, including a fitness center. This transformation repurposes underutilized space into a central hub for dining, leisure, and community engagement, embodying Santa Ana’s industrial past while creating a dynamic and distinctive urban destination.