The Cliff

Henderson, NV


100,000 SF


Partner's Capital, Inc.


Design Architect
Landscape Architect

Situated in the thriving community of Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada, The Cliff is an ambitious redevelopment project set to transform an aging office complex into a vibrant 100,000-square-foot retail center. This innovative open-air destination is poised to redefine the area’s commercial landscape.

The design of The Cliff reflects a contemporary vision of retail and dining, carefully crafted to enhance the surrounding environment. The concept emphasizes modern architectural elements, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, all thoughtfully planned to foster a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

At the heart of The Cliff lies a captivating 26,000 sf covered outdoor dining lounge, designed to be a culinary haven where patrons can savor diverse cuisines in a welcoming, al fresco setting. Twenty-five retail stores will accommodate a curated mix of shops, health and wellness, and other unique offerings, providing a dynamic shopping experience for visitors.

The Cliff represents a bold step towards redefining retail and lifestyle experiences in Green Valley Ranch, promising to be a magnet for discerning consumers and a testament to innovative urban design.