Solomon Hills

Orcutt, CA


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Solstra Communities


Master Planner

Nestled in north Santa Barbara County, Solomon Hills epitomizes sustainable urbanism. Spanning 1,900 acres and located within 15 miles of major job centers, the development anticipates accommodating a growing population with 4,000 homes and space for businesses, fostering up to 2,000 new jobs by 2050. Planned in multiple phases, two-thirds of the area will be devoted to parks, trails, and conservation, while the remaining land will feature attainable, accessible, and eco-conscious residential neighborhoods programmed for diverse buyer profiles. Guided by smart design and responsible land use, Solomon Hills aspires to become the county’s first carbon-neutral, net-zero community. Sustainability permeates every facet, leveraging cutting-edge green technology integrated throughout every aspect of the community. Employing diverse high-tech systems and programs, Solomon Hills generates green energy while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Central to Solomon Hills’ ethos is connectivity – physical and social. The village concept forms the community’s nucleus, housing three major amenities, each designed to fit organically within the landscape. At the heart of Solomon Hills, the Central Park & Community Center is a bustling hub of community activity, boasting lush greenery, grand open spaces, and modern architecture inspired by local traditions. Strategically integrated into the regional trail system, the Neighborhood Fitness Center & Pool, nestled in natural beauty, promotes holistic well-being by integrating locally sourced materials and geothermal heating. As the echoes of the past mingle with the promises of the future, Solomon Hills stands poised to redefine the very essence of community living – one sustainable step at a time.