Kanyon at Brea

Brea, CA


380 DU | 3.8 AC | 100 DU/AC




Architect of Record
Design Architect

Forever transforming the scene of a regional mall, a vibrant multifamily development will replace the site of a former Sears building, injecting an exciting energy into the heart of Brea. Repositioning the Brea Mall site, the contemporary 7-story podium building welcomes 380 market-rate apartments into the urban setting, seamlessly blending the allure of modern living with the convenience of walkable retail amenities. The 3.8-acre site will introduce a verdant oasis to the once-barren asphalt, utilizing lush landscaping and open courtyards to soften the sleek metal façade. Embodying sophisticated balance, the building required careful massing and a well-portioned placement of design elements to reduce its scale and blend in with the surrounding retail center. Rejuvenating a previously dormant retail site, this community employed comprehensive site planning principles emphasizing the convenience of walkable retail and curating a desirable urban multifamily community.