Hive Live

Costa Mesa, CA


1050 DU | 14.3 AC | 73.7 DU/ AC


Legacy Partners


Design Architect

HIVE LIVE embodies the convergence of art, community, and culture, deeply rooted in Costa Mesa’s dynamic heritage while redefining urban living across its expansive 14.25-acre canvas. Sited on the former NFL Charger’s practice facility, the new community is centrally located adjacent to Costa Mesa’s world-class arts, shopping, and fashion districts. Comprising 1,050 units across three distinct phases—The Innovator, The Explorer, and The Eco-Enthusiast—HIVE LIVE exemplifies thoughtful design and contextual sensitivity. Strategically positioned catty-corner to the iconic IKEA massing, the bold building designs act as a balancing counterpoint, transitioning from a contemporary industrial style with large massing along the commercial edge to smaller-scaled, gable-roof forms, breaking down the mass and mimicking a residential village facing the nearby single-family neighborhoods. HIVE LIVE is a testament to innovative site planning, redefining urban living while honoring the city’s rich heritage.