The Row at Redhill

Santa Ana, CA


1,100 DU | 14.7 AC
74.82 DU/AC | 80,000 SF RETAIL




Design Architect
Architect of Record

The Row at Redhill promotes and supports an investment in youth, neighborhood pride, an enriched and diverse culture, a safe and healthy community, and a thriving economic climate. The re-imagined Warner achieves an energetic mix of uses, with 80,000 SF of retail space accessible from the central public plaza, and a neighborhood of five-story rental apartments behind this public asset. The Warner/ Red Hill Drive begins at the project entrance, connects to the public plaza and finds a verdant terminus on the Village’s residential northwest side. Allen Malls, a parallel urban paseo, provides a pedestrian-friendly pathway between the residences and plaza shops. The plaza and promenades serve the entire community not just as thoroughfares, but as a stage for life: social gatherings, food trucks, entertainment, and events.

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AO Collaboration

Mixed-use, Parking


  • AIA OC Design Awards – Honor Award, Multifamily/Mixed-Use
  • NAHB Best in American Living – On-the-Boards Multifamily Project
  • NAHB Best in American Living – On-the-Boards Community
  • Gold Nugget Grand Award- Best On-the-Boards Mixed-Use Project
  • Gold Nugget Merit Award- Best On-the-Boards Multifamily Community