The Core

Anaheim, CA


400 DU | 5.6 AC
71.5 DU/AC




Design Architect
Architect of Record

This 400-unit ballpark-adjacent project sets the stage for the evolution of an entire neighborhood. Much like Boston’s Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood with its brownstones and brick walk-ups, the project’s modern architecture institutes the elements of a new, uniquely South Californian, ballpark town bustling with activity. Set on a long and narrow site, the project establishes axial relationships within the neighborhood. The jewel box leasing and recreation building provides a glowing focal point for what will eventually be the terminus of a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use corridor. Ground floor patios have direct access onto the sidewalk, setting the expectation of a lively street scene. Project amenities again set a new standard, with a zero-edge pool, spa retreat with day beds and alfresco dining, a sports bar and resident lounge. A trendsetting two-story fitness center with mountain and stadium views and a multi-screen Fit Wall keep exercisers motivated. This project represents a vibrant, urban core and the architectural blueprint for the neighborhood that will grow around it.

AO Collaboration



  • MHN Silver Award