The Boardwalk at Bricktown

Oklahoma City, OK


2.7 Million SF | 3.92 AC |1,907 SF Residential | 938,000 SF Parking
480-Key Dream Hotel
1,907 Residential Units (Luxury, Affordable Housing)
110,000 SF Retail, Entertainment, and Dining


Matteson Capital, Thinkbox


Architect of Record
Design Architect

The Boardwalk at Bricktown will deliver an exciting architectural tapestry of modern design and a rich mixed-use experience at the heart of a vibrant entertainment district. Designed to be the tallest building in the nation, this bold development encompasses over 3 acres and over 2 million square feet of residential, hospitality, retail, dining and entertainment. Within its sleek forms, the 480-key Dream hotel and residential towers will each feature their own unique luxe amenities, creating a dynamic urban hub for tenants and visitors. Dining, retail, and open plazas elevate and energize the streetscape, forging interaction, connection and inviting the world to experience the best OKC has to offer. A catalyst for urban evolution, The Boardwalk embodies the spirited essence of Oklahoma City, honoring its rich past, dynamic present, and promising future.