The Altair

Carson City, NV


207 DU | 4.98 AC | 41.56 DU/AC




Design Architect
Architect of Record

This development was envisioned to enhance the core urban environment for the downtown historic district of Carson City. The 3-story buildings are arrayed along North Stewart Street creating a picturesque entry and unique pedestrian sidewalk experience. The frontages are designed with at-grade dwelling unit patios accessible to the sidewalk and small public spaces which serve to support an urban, walkable community. The center of the project contains an entry plaza and amenity courtyard which fosters a sense of engagement for the residents. The community boasts a full package of amenities ranging from a pool to a fitness center with a yoga studio, leasing office, clubhouse, and even a pet spa. Exhibiting a variety of massing and a sensitive color pallet, the architecture is traditional yet contemporary that embodies the historical charm of the downtown district.