Sante Fe Christian School

Solana Beach, CA


3 New Buildings
Gathering Spaces
Multi-Story Classrooms
New Chapel
Administrative Offices
Multi-Purpose Building


Landscape Architect

This project consists of the addition of 3 new buildings that include outdoor amphitheater, gathering space, multi-story classrooms, a new chapel, admin offices and a multi-purpose building. The improvements include grand stairs that lead to a multipurpose building with multi-level amphitheater seating with pockets of planting and shade trees, enhanced main entry stairs coming into the quad, new paved fire-truck lane through the quad and looping around the buildings, artificial turf areas with seating for students to gather and hold campus events, enhanced perimeter planting at bus parking stalls, new cafeteria patio with shade structure, and linear planters on 2nd and 3rd levels.