Pearl La Floresta

Brea, CA


204 DU | 2.92 AC
69.9 DU/AC
110,000 Retail SF


Morgan Group- Residential
Regency Centers- Retail


Design Architect
Architect of Record

The village center was once at the heart of community life. The Village at La Floresta reinvigorates the village center for a new millennium, with shopping, dining, entertainment and multi-family residential experiences all occurring in synergy. The nexus of this village is a circular plaza that is is flanked by a large-scale catenary sculpture,“Oasis,”which is set in motion by the breeze. The central plaza features a lively fountain, village green and terraced outdoor seating groups which promote communal gathering and identity. A contemporary 4-story wrap follows the arc of the retail core, defining a versatile village promenade and street which is able to transform into a farmer’s market and event space. The center draws from the cultural past to realize a vision for a community-oriented culture of tomorrow.

AO Collaboration

Multifamily, Retail, Parking


  • ICSC U.S. Design and Development Awards Commendation/ Sustainable Commendation
  • Merit Gold Nugget Award -Best Commercial Project Over 20,000sf