Osgood Apartments

Fremont, CA


173 DU | 1.37 AC
126.27 DU/AC


Maracor Development, Inc.


Design Architect
Architect of Record

Aligning with the city’s housing goals, this modular affordable development combines two parcels totaling 1.37 acres less than 4 miles from the Fremont BART station hub. The new 173-unit community will consist of 5 levels of Type III units over one level of Type I-A podium parking, providing 72 stalls. Contributing to the vibrancy of the area, a contemporary style is expressed through simple verticality, bold colors, and a mix of materials in the building which create a unique sense of place and smart, efficient design for an urban lifestyle. Amenities include a bicycle storage room, clubhouse, fitness studio, and outdoor open space above the parking garage.