Monarch Beach Urgent Care

Dana Point, CA


4,000 SF




Design Architect
Architect of Record

After obtaining a Master Agreement with the client, AO began to investigate a site for a new urgent care for the client. Set in the affluent neighborhood of Monarch Beach, the AO team designed a classic and refined medical space that stands out from the typical designs in the healthcare space. This facility was designed as an urgent care and family medicine site, including general examination, minimally invasive procedures, and x-ray radiology. In understanding the function and practice of the typical spaces, this facility was able to explore new concepts, including exam rooms with designs to allow maintain having the doctor face the patient, a concierge reception diverted from the typical waiting room, as well as one-way mirrors designed for site managers to keep an eye on patient traffic at the entry. Most importantly, the design of the spaces were made in mind to blend in with the local context, being the surf motif directly relating to the area of Monarch Beach.