Dos Lunas

Encinitas, CA


202 DU | 4.6 AC
43.9 DU/AC




Architect of Record
Design Architect

Nestled above the historic Moonlight Beach, this sophisticated four-story wrap building celebrates the local identity and regional terrain, stepping into the hillside and drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings. Its modern design is inspired by biomimicry, expressing diverse forms, textures, and moods. Within, various unit types are configured in three levels of stacked flats, with inverted townhomes at ground level to take advantage of grading, allowing units to slope directly into the hillside. Luxury amenities involve a pool courtyard, two-story fitness center, and gaming plaza, complete with generous outdoor patios and open space. The use of diverse and complementary architectural expressions which cradle the hillside, along with strategically located open courtyards, break down the scale of the building to deliver variation of form reflecting the ever-changing landscape.

AO Collaboration