Dink & Dine Pickle Park

Mesa, AZ


63,000 SF




Architect of Record
Design Architect
Landscape Architect

Dink & Dine Pickle Park sets the stage for a pioneering era in ‘sportstainment,’ seamlessly blending play, entertainment, and refined culinary experiences. Nestled in Mesa, AZ, this newly adapted complex spans 63,000 square feet, boasting both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, a dedicated dog park, a food hall, bars, expansive event spaces, and a live entertainment arena. The architectural design of the facility is both elegant and timeless, featuring an iconic grand entrance and an open-concept layout within a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. This meticulously crafted space transcends traditional recreation, offering a harmonious convergence of sports, culinary exploration, and entertainment. This development is poised to become a cornerstone in the community, providing a dynamic and vibrant community destination.