Confluence Park at FivePoint Valencia

Valencia, CA


6.4 AC
61,000 SF Pool Area
3,700 SF Community Building
500 SF Shade Structures
1,100 SF Cabanas
800 SF Seed Library
1,900 SF Pool Restrooms
1,400 SF Pool Equipment




Design Architect
Architect of Record

At the heart of a visionary master-planned residential network of approximately 4,000 homes integrated via pedestrian trails and electric vehicle pathways lies Confluence Park, a central recreation node overflowing with cutting-edge twenty-first-century amenities. As the focal point of this innovative net zero community, the design draws local inspiration from Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, a local geological feature formed by ancient plate tectonics. The iconic landforms inspired the sloping roofs of the community building and poolside structures.

The 6.4-acre central park comprises of a cutting-edge triple-pool complex featuring a junior Olympic competition pool, an adult swimming facility, and a family-friendly pool and spa with poolside cabanas lining the perimeters. A separate restroom building is integrated into the adjacent hillside along with a 3,700 SF community building that will host resident functions and seasonal events. To further the sustainable mission of the community, each pool is naturally heated by geothermal technology from subsurface sources, and photovoltaic panels are integrated throughout the park for energy-saving measures.

North of the pool area resides a community garden and a unique dual-purpose building featuring a modern Seed Library and steel structure forming an espalier that echoes the shape of the library building. Within, residents are welcomed to enjoy an open-air event space hosting community workshops, and raised garden planters for growing organic produce. The ambitious architecture and sustainability goals achieved by Confluence Park will deliver an iconic foundation for the community and model for environmentally conscious design for decades to come.


  • AIA OC Design Award – Citation, Best Interiors
  • Gold Nugget Grand Award: Best Community Amenity
  • Gold Nugget Grand Award: Best Design for Energy
  • ENR Best Projects Award of Merit – Landscape/Urban Development
  • SFVBJ Commercial Real Estate Honoree – Sustainable
  • LABJ CRE Awards: Gold Award, Sustainability
  • AIA OC Awards – INSPIRE Award