Cloud House

Stanton, CA


547 Parking Stalls
Type IB Construction
321 DU | 3.74 AC
85.8 DU/AC


Bonanni Development


Architect of Record
Design Architect

Rising 6 stories high, an above-grade Type IB parking structure was designed at the core of the building, delivering 547 parking stalls for residents. This structure takes a unique approach, capitalizing on the opportunity to create one of the largest rooftop sky decks in Orange County. Poised to be the largest aerial playground in the region, an audacious 17,500 SF sky deck crowns the structure, offering a carefree urban getaway without leaving home. The vibrant spaces are outfitted for al fresco entertaining, evening fireside cocktails, poolside movie nights, and anytime lounging and relaxation. The technical execution of the design established the foundation that achieved the client’s vision to urbanize the surrounding community.

AO Collaboration