Avalon Brea Place

Brea, CA


734 DU | 10.2 AC
71.9 DU/AC


Avalon Bay


Design Architect
Architect of Record

Located on the northwest corner of State College Blvd & Birch Street in a primarily office complex setting, this modern multifamily project encompasses the existing Brea Place office campus with two mid-rise wrap buildings. Site “A” is approximately 5.6 acres in size and will provide 425 units. Site “B” is approximately 4.6 acres and will provide 309 units. Each building will provide a 5,000 SF leasing center, clubhouse and gym tucked into the ground floor, along with outdoor plazas, a farmers market, a multiuse area, and a pedestrian paseo. Large roof decks will top off the buildings, providing elevated pool and spa amenity space.