San Jose, CA


647 DU | 10.8 AC
59.9 DU/AC


Shea Properties


Design Architect
Architect of Record

Located in the Silicon Valley this 647 unit residential apartment complex is located on an 10.8 acre lot formerly part of the landmark Hitachi campus where electric power infrastructure and information technologies were pioneered. Keeping true to the history of innovation on this site, the design provides a drive-through parking structure transformed into an opulent portecochere and vehicular lobby and two residential buildings that reinterpret the mid-century industrial buildings on the Hitachi campus. The unparalleled amenities of the project emphasize entertainment with outdoor kitchens, salt water pool and bark park.

AO Collaboration



  • Merit Gold Nugget Award – Best Multifamily Community
  • Best in American Living Award- Best Development up to 4 Stories