Glendale, CA


507 DU | 5.32 AC
95 DU/AC


Carmel Partners


Design Architect
Architect of Record

The City of Glendale, home of Walt Disney Imagineering, needed a fresh new gateway that was both inventive and approachable. On a site which once held a characterless one-story building and parking lot, a pair of contemporary luxury mid-rises now forms a much needed, pedestrian-scaled entry into downtown Glendale from the 134 freeway. Both buildings offer numerous and varied gathering spaces, fostering a sense of lavish communal living with a screening room, business center, double-height fitness facility and rooftop lounges. Punctuated by breathtaking sky decks, vertical metal elements, and loft-style units, the buildings work in tandem to introduce downtown Glendale in an innovative and relevant way.

AO Collaboration



  • Gold Nugget Merit Award – Best Multifamily Housing Community
  • MHN Gold Award – Best Development & Design: Mid-Rise Category