Tu Tran

Tu is a seasoned designer who specializes in front-end design development and presentations. A proud alumnus of Cal Poly Pomona, Tu garnered valuable experience during his initial two years at a landscape architecture firm. With 25 years now under his belt, he has been a dedicated contributor to A&E firms all over California, spending the last 5 with AO. While his work philosophy revolves around attentive listening to client needs and delivering accordingly, Tu finds fulfillment in expressing his creativity through design. Architecture was a natural choice for him as it provides a canvas to articulate his creative visions. Inspired by new challenges, Tu thrives on discovering innovative ideas and solutions. 

Design, for Tu, is not just a professional endeavor but a guiding principle in life. It enables him to set priorities and strive for the best outcomes in any situation. Beyond the professional realm, Tu finds joy in outdoor activities and cherishes a harmonious family life with his loving wife and two sons. With a wealth of experience, a passion for design, and a commitment to client satisfaction, Tu Tran continues to make significant contributions to AO and the field of architecture. 

Tu in three words:

Determined. Dependable. Delightful.