Ruba Awad-Moran, LEED AP

“At a very young age I realized the emotional impact of architecture on how I feel in a space. I always felt it would be such an honor and a privilege to be part of the space makers of the world.”

With over two decades of dedicated practice in interior design and architecture, Ruba stands as a seasoned professional renowned for her unwavering commitment to excellence and precision. Her career is characterized by a remarkable track record of success, underscored by an array of accolades for her innovative designs, sustained client satisfaction, and enduring team dynamics. 

In her role as Partner, Ruba is the visionary force behind the establishment of AO’s Interiors studio in 2021, where she spearheads a talented team in the ideation, development, and execution of cutting-edge design solutions tailored to meet the unique visions of her clients. Since joining AO in 2011, Ruba has showcased her prowess in both interior design and architecture across a diverse spectrum of commercial ventures, ranging from dynamic restaurants and vibrant power centers to sophisticated office spaces, multifamily residential complexes, amenities, and beyond. 

Colleagues and clients alike commend Ruba for her exceptional ability to foster seamless collaboration, demonstrate distinctive foresight, and expertly manage both design and budgetary considerations. These skills ensure the flawless delivery of every project entrusted to her team. Within AO, Ruba’s leadership sets a standard for innovation and excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of creative design. Fully committed to her craft, she remains dedicated to shaping spaces that not only inspire but also endure the test of time. 

Ruba in three words:

Visionary. Problem Solver. Passionate.





University of Baghdad, Iraq | Certificate of Completion, Architecture, Ecole d’Architecutre Paris, La Defance, Paris, France


Urban Land Institute (ULI)

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