José Mendez
Senior Associate

“Collaborate with teams members to achieve goals in the most optimum & efficient ways.”

With over 30 years of professional experience and robust leadership skills, José is a seasoned architect with a proven track record in meeting project schedules and budgetary goals. His expertise spans various architectural and design realms, including hospitality (both domestic and international), restaurant and retail commercial, mixed-use, and multifamily projects, encompassing ground-up developments and renovations. José excels as a communicator, evident in his ability to build, lead, manage, and motivate successful performance teams. 

Dedicated to excellence, José adheres to a philosophy of giving his best, regardless of project size or type. His architectural journey, starting from early childhood in Mexico, has taken him to diverse corners of the world, including the UAE, Korea, the Philippines, and China. This global exposure has enriched his work with an eclectic and cultured aesthetic. As a professional architect, José combines extensive experience, leadership prowess, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results, making him a valuable asset to any architectural project. 

José in three words:

Friendly. Professional. Extrovert.