Ether Dai

Bringing a wealth of architectural expertise curated over ten years, Ether has worked with AO since 2014. Infusing every project with his signature touch, he oversees the entire design process from concept through completion, while generating essential drawing documents and engaging regularly with clients and consultants to ensure project success. Ether’s versatile proficiency spans various project types including modular, multifamily, retail, mixed-use, hospitality, office, and high-rise ventures. His passion and collaborative mindset coupled with his vast experience make him a valuable asset to any project team.¬†

As a key contributor, Ether has elevated myriad projects across multiple studios including Mountain View Village in Utah, the Arya, Exposition Point, and the innovative surf resort, DSRT Surf. 

Ether in three words:

Passionate. Reliable. Teamwork.



Master of Architecture, UCLA
Bachelor of Architecture, Nanjing Tech University, China