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Three Dimensional Composition

Northern California


221 DU | 1.2 AC
184 DU/AC




Design Architect
Architect of Record

This 5 story affordable housing project includes 221 studio units of approximately 425 sf each, with its own bathroom and kitchen. Each of the two buildings offers a common amenity room, secure mail room and common laundry facilities. While there are dramatic and larger scale elements that define the project, it is also broken down into comprehensible human scale parts and is itself broken down into two different buildings. Each unit is clearly expressed and articulated on the façade, while the colorful palette celebrates the new use over the dull industrial warehouse it replaces. The design is a subtle balance of tensions, between the alternating colors and plane articulations that follow a rhythm of solid walls and glazed openings that are not static, but rather constitute an active three-dimensional composition in motion.

The structure uses the latest technology in modular prefabrication, exceeds the latest energy efficiency requirements and aspires to be a prototype of sustainable development for contemporary, affordable housing in the area.